51 Free Press Release Submission Sites List in 2020

51 Free Press Release Submission Sites List in 2020 {Verified Links}

Press Release

Press Release Submission is one of the most effective and difficult OFF Page SEO Technique. In this technique you write a comprehensive News Article and submit it to Press Release Editors for publishing.  Keep in mind, mostly all Paid or Free Press Release Submission Sites reviews the news article you have submitted before publishing. So make sure that you organize your news article well.

Though PR (Press Release) is subject to approval, but they are very good source backlinks and gaining traffic. Once your submitted PR is approved by the editor and published on their news websites, you will not only get a quality backlink but also your PR will be in front of huge audience. You won’t be able to get such exposure in any other OFF Page SEO Technique (except Article Submission)

Each link given in the below “51 Free Press Release Submission Sites List in 2020” are verified working links for Press Release Submission.

In this article you will learn:

What is Press Release?

Press Release is nothing but a news release in which you write about new items like: New Product / Services Launch, Important Announcements, Events, Inaugurations etc.  It is completely different from writing an article as it has a pre-defined format which you must follow.

Format of Press Release

  • Headline: Title of your Press Release. It should clearly specify the intent of the PR
  • Summary: Then comes the summary part in which you have to give a brief about your PR.
  • PR Body: Here comes the main content of your PR. Make sure to organize it well. And don’t forget to give details about your company.
  • Contact Information: At the end of the PR, give your company’s contact detail so that if anyone wants to connect, they can do it easily.

What are Free Press Release Submission Sites?

Once your PR is ready, now it’s time to distribute it among the various free PR submission sites. These sites are news publication houses which publish news content on their website. High DA Press Release websites have huge audiences and user database. People visit these websites daily or occasionally for reading the news. And as you know the news should be authentic and verified, that is why mostly every website verifies the submitted PR for its authenticity before publishing.

There are two types of PR Submission Sites: Free and Paid. And few of the website offer both free and paid publications. In this article we will cover the Free PR Websites.

Why this “51 Free Press Release Submission Sites List” is best for you?

If you are here that means you are not willing to spend money on PR submissions. No issues, I got your back here. Though it’s really difficult to find the PR website who actually offers Free Submissions, yet I found some to save your time!

Below I have given you the best 51 Free PR Submission Sites List. I have visited each and every link of the below list to make sure that each one them offer Free PR Submission.

It took me almost a day to create this list. But no worries, I have saved your time. Now you just have to follow each given link one by one and start submitting your PR’s. May your PR will get approval!

51 Free Press Release Submission Sites List in 2020

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Enhance your chance of Approval by following below PR Submission Tips

As PR publication is subject to approval; make sure you give no chance to editor for rejecting your PR. So before submission make sure you have covered all the below points –

  • First and foremost, make sure to read the submission guidelines of the PR submission website and go accordingly.
  • Your PR must follow the above given PR format, i.e. Headline, Summary, PR Body and Contact Information.
  • While writing Headline / Title make sure to keep every first character of the word in capital (except the connecters)
  • As PR Title has a limit of 120 characters, make sure you give a strong headline which shows the importance of the PR.
  • Coming to summary, it should give the brief about the PR. Make it simple and to the point.
  • Your PR Body must at least include 5 – 6 professionally written paragraphs and by professionally I mean the whole PR should sound like a News Release. If it didn’t, editors won’t take a second to reject it.
  • You must give the date and place to which your PR relates with.
  • Your written PR should relate with recent time activities. Don’t write PR’s on the past or too distant events.
  • Don’t fill your PR with backlinks. Add at max 2 links in it.
  • Once submitted, wait for its approval. And please don’t submit same PR again and again in same website as it won’t increase your chance of approval.

How a Press Release Looks –

Press Release Template
Image Credit – HubSpot

Benefits of doing Free Press Release Submission with respect to SEO!

As you have read that PR Submission is a very difficult task, yet many SEO’s includes it in their OFF Page SEO activities, why? It is because of its various benefits with the respect to brand and SEO –

  • PR helps you in gaining backlinks from news websites (which no doubt comes under the category of high PR websites)
  • It helps you in spreading out your brand name in front of huge audience.
  • From PR, you not only get backlinks but also it routes suffice amount of audience to your website.
  • It also improves your online Brand presence and the DA of your website.

Wrapping Up

Hope you will take complete benefit of the above given Free PR Submission Sites Listand other information which definitely help you in increasing your website’s DA and in getting some quality backlinks. If you have any question regarding this blog, please feel free to drop a comment below and if you any other Free PR Submission site info, give recommendation of that also, I would be happy to include it in the above list.

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