21 Free PPT Submission Sites List in 2020

21 Free PPT Submission Sites List in 2020 {Verified Links}


PPT Submission is also one of the old and famous OFF Page SEO technique. In PPT Submission, you first create PPT (Power Point Presentation) on one of your selected topics and then submit it in the Free PPT Submission websites.

The submission process is same as you followed on the PDF Submission Websites. In fact, most of the PPT Submission websites are same as the PDF Submission Websites. So, from writing good content to leaving backlinks in the content and from uploading to publishing, everything remains same. The only difference is the format of the content which you are going to create and publish. In this you will also be in need of Verified Free PPT Submission Sites List, and that is given below!

In this article you will learn:

Why we included PPT Submissions in our OFF-Page SEO Techniques?

Before I tell you about PPT Submission, let me know, how many people like a good graphical representation of content then the long and never-ending essays and paragraphs? Mostly every person likes the graphical representations. Reason being, they are easy to understand and the best way to graphically represent the content is through PPT’s. 

Even in this digital world where everything is getting under VR & AR technologies, PPT’s are still the first choice of any business or a individual to graphically represent the facts, data or information.

In SEO, we believe (and its truth) that content is the KING. You can’t get SEO results until or unless you don’t focus on the content. Now as I said above, PPT’s are the best way to represent the content so how can we leave it outside the SEO? Once we added PPT’s in our SEO OFF Page Techniques we also did find the resources (websites) on which we can submit it online and leverage our brand online presence.

Why this “21 Free PPT Submission Sites List” is important for you?

Just like the PDF Submission Sites List, all the below given links of Free PPT Submission Sites are verified links. You can open any of the below links and start submitting your PPT’s. Further the details like DA, PA and Alexa Ranks given are correct till the date I have published this blog.

So now without wasting any time, let me give you the 21 Free PPT Submission Sites List –

This list is divided into 2 parts, in the first part – The Top 7 PPT Submission Sites are given where in the second part – rest of the 14 PPT Submission Sites are given –

21 Free PPT Submission Sites in 2020

1. SlideShare

Slide Share - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 95, PA – 74, Alexa Rank – 147

There is no other website on the Internet that can compete against SlideShare in hosting PPT’s. LinkedIn owned SlideShare is the top most PPT Submission Websites. It roughly has over 80 million monthly active users. After creating an account, SlideShare allows you to submit PPT’s (privately and publicly) without any cost.

2. Issuu

ISSUU - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 94, PA – 82, Alexa Rank – 6217

Issuu is an electronic publishing platform which allows its users to share their content digitally. You can not only submit PDF’s here but also the PPT’s. Issuu also have a fan base million. You can submit your PPT’s here to get quality backlinks.

3. Scribd

Scribd - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 954, PA – 72, Alexa Rank – 242

Just like issue, Scribd also host the PPT’s on its “Open Publishing Platform”. Scribid also have a huge fan base and hosts more than 60 million documents. After creating an account in Scribid you can immediately start submitting PPT’s in it.

4. 4Shared

4Shared - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 93, PA – 73, Alexa Rank – 1155

4Shared is an online hosting and sharing service. You can upload any type of documents in it to share. So PPT’s can also be uploaded and shared in this website. Let me know your experience of this website in the comments below!

5. Wattpad

21 Free PPT Submission Sites List in 2020 {Verified Links} 1

DA – 92, PA – 66, Alexa Rank – 2489

Wattpad is a community for readers and writers to publish their content in different categories. Just like you use Wattpad to submit your PDF’s, similarly you can use Wattpad for PPT Submissions. You just need to create an account in it and it allows you to write / submit your content for publishing.

6. Calameo

Calameo - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 92, PA – 65, Alexa Rank – 2470

Calameo is another digital publication which allows users to publish content in it. It also enjoys a huge fan base spread across the globe. You can easily submit your PPT’s in it after creating an account.

7. Author Stream

Author Stream - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 86, PA – 59, Alexa Rank – 6397

So far Author Stream is the first website which truly and solely dedicated to PPT’s only. After creating a Free account, you can submit as many PPT’s as you want; there is no storage or submission count limits.

8. Emaze

Emaze - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 86, PA – 55, Alexa Rank – 27403

Emaze is another truly dedicated PPT submission website but it also allows you to create PPT’s on their emaze editor. You can start from scratch or choose from the wide range of given templates.

9. Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 84, PA – 64, Alexa Rank – 13260

Speaker Deck allows you to upload your PPT’s in the form of PDF. So for this, you have save your PPT as PDF and then upload it in this website. After giving Title, Brief Description and category you can publish your PPT.

10. Visual.ly

Visual.ly - Free PPT Submission Site

DA – 78, PA – 70, Alexa Rank – 13444

You must be amazed after seeing this name in the list of PPT Submission Websites. But it’s true, Visual.ly is not only a Infographic Submission Website but you can also upload Presentations in it. The process remains the same, creating an account and then uploading the PPT.

It’s good to start with the above PPT Submission given list and once you are done with it, you can go ahead with the following list as well –

Sr. NoWebsitesDAPAAlexa Rank

Tips on creating Powerful PPT’s which will get you bunch of legit backlinks?

No doubt that creating PPT is a time-consuming task. While creating PPT you not only need writing skills but you have to be creative as well. How well you can represent any piece of content, information or fact is all about creating a PPT. If you will keep below points in mind while creating PPT, it may help you in creating a Powerful PPT –

  • Theme – The PPT theme (texts, colors and backgrounds) should always relate with the topic you choose.
  • Introduction – Most of the people forget about it. But it’s really necessary to have an introductory slide in which not about the person who created the PPT should be given but also the brief of the topic on which you are going to discuss about.
  • Typography – Throughout the PPT, your typography must remain consistent. From Headings text and size to footer points, everything should remain in the same orientation. Avoid using too cursive and gaudy fonts.
  • Graphics – The Graphics used in the PPT’s should be neat and of good quality. Avoid using blurry images in the PPT. Furthermore, use only that much of graphics which are required and looks good. Filling your presentation with photos only isn’t going to help.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have enjoyed the given Free PPT Submission Sites Listand other information which definitely help you in getting some quality backlinks. If you have any question regarding this blog, please feel free to drop a comment below. Also don’t forget to share it with your fellow SEO buddies!

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