35+ Free PDF Submission Sites List in 2020

35+ Free PDF Submission Sites List in 2020


PDF Submission also comes under OFF Page SEO techniques. In this technique you write content on a topic and then save it in PDF format. Once your PDF is ready, you upload the same in one of the below given Free PDF Submission Sites List. The major benefit of saving content in PDF format is that you can leave hyperlinks inside it.

So once you upload the PDF in any PDF submission website, it not only shows that PDF on their website but also the links inside it, which can easily crawled by any web crawler and pass the Link Juice to its pointed website. There are very few Free PDF Submission Websites which allows you to upload PDF and shows it on their website. You will get to know about them in the given Free PDF Submission Sites List.

In this article you will learn:

What is PDF Submission and its importance in SEO?

From quite a long time now, PDF Submission is been an important part of OFF Page SEO techniques. It’s been used by various SEO’s to enhance their link building endeavors. PDF submission not only helps you getting quality backlinks for your website but also route more organic traffic to your website.

The (High DA) PDF Submission Websites have a huge fan base who visits their website on daily or occasionally basis to read about the new articles published in it. By submitting good articles in the form of PDF in these websites, you can gain more niche audience for your website.

Why this “35+ Free PDF Submission Sites List” is important for you?

It is really hard to find websites that actually host PDF’s in their website. Most of the PDF submission website lists present on the web are of online storage houses, which don’t actually shows the PDF on their website but store it in their storage and provide you a link which you can use to share your PDF with other people. Just like the other cloud storages you use to transfer data to a remote user.

But the list I have given below, specially the “TOP 7 Free PDF Submission Sites” are in actual host your PDF’s on their website and help you gain backlinks from it.

Top 7 Free PDF Submission Sites that actually shows your PDF on their Website!

1. SlideShare

Slide Share - Free PDF Submission Site

DA – 95, PA – 74, Alexa Rank – 147

SlideShare is first in my list for PDF Submission. For most people SlideShare is a website in which they can share PPT’s only but it’s not true. You can also submit Infographics and PDF’ in it to get quality backlinks, so go and submit your first PDF in it!

2. Scribd

Scribd - Free PDF Submission Site

DA – 94, PA – 72, Alexa Rank – 242

Scribd is world’s largest Digital Library in which you can find best audibooks, ebooks, magazines and mostly everything you want to listen on read. Scribid hosts more than 60 million documents on its “Open Publishing Platform”. So what are you waiting for, go and publish your first PDF in it.

3. Issuu

Issuu - Free PDF Submission Site

DA – 94, PA – 82, Alexa Rank – 6217

Issuu is an electronic publishing platform which allows its users to share their content digitally. You can easily submit your PDF in it and take benefits of its audience (which is in millions).

4. Wattpad

Wattpad - Free PDF Submission Site

DA – 92, PA – 66, Alexa Rank – 2489

Wattpad is a community for readers and writers to publish their content in different categories. Once you create an account in it. It allows you to write / submit your content which later on you can easily publish. 

5. SmashWords

SmashWords - Free PDF Submission Site

DA – 88, PA – 64, Alexa Rank – 10948

SmashWords is a global ebook distributor, it is ideal for publishing short articles, novels, books etc. If you have your content ready, you can submit it in this website. While submitting you can choose any format for the given (pdf, ebpub, rtf and txt) and it will creates that format and upload the same in its platform. 

6. PDF Archive

PDF Archive - Free PDF Submission Site

DA – 63, PA – 49, Alexa Rank – 54644

PDF Archive is a kind of PDF Social Share platform. You can host, share, manage and archive your PDF’s in this website with no cost. After you create an account in it, you can immediately start sharing PDF’s in it.

7. Edocr

Edocr - Free PDF Submission Site

DA – 61, PA – 55, Alexa Rank – 40377

As its website reads, “edocr is a free digital publishing platform that allows businesses to share content, enhance SEO and generate leads”. Gladly first website I have seen which is stating that we help in enhance your SEO efforts and generate leads. So what are you waiting for, use this platform to submit your PDF and make it count!

Its good to start with the above given websites for PDF submission and it will do the work but if you are still seeking new links to submit your PDF you can follow the below given PDF Submission links as well –

35+ Free PDF Submission Sites List in 2020

Sr No.WebsitesDAPAAlexa Rank

How to do PDF Submissions like a PRO?

The most difficult task in PDF Submission is, writing an good article. And as per new SEO trends, an article having at least 800 – 1000 words considered to be a good one. So if you have invested so much of your time in writing an article and then converting or saving it as a PDF, you must do the PDF Submission perfectly. Below I have written few points which you consider while doing submissions –

  • Title: Having a brief and eye catching title is very necessary in PDF Submission as this is what is going to appeal any user to read it.
  • Short Description: Now if the user clicks on your PDF after reading its Title, now he/she will be seeing your given brief history of what the PDF is about. Make sure to write it evidently
  • Tags and Collection: Here comes the classification part, choose the relevant category for your PDF and assign it with some good tags / keywords which relates with your topic.
  • Links – Don’t fill your PDF content with backlinks, follow the good SEO practices here and don’t add more than 2 or 3 links in single PDF.

Benefits of submitting PDF in Free PDF submission sites list!

The first and foremost benefit of sharing your PDF in Free PDF Submission websites it’s a FREE Submission. You don’t have to spend a single dime to showcase your content on the various popular websites which have fan base of millions.

Apart from that, if your PDF goes well in any of the above given websites; you will definitely be getting huge chunk of organic traffic to your website. It will happen through the attached backlinks which will further help you in gaining good SERP rankings.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have enjoyed the given Free PDF Submission Sites Listand other information which definitely help you in getting some quality backlinks. If you have any question regarding this blog, please feel free to drop a comment below. Also don’t forget to share it with your fellow SEO buddies!

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