45 Free Infographic Submission Sites List in 2020

45 Free Infographic Submission Sites List in 2020 {Verified Links}


The best way to represent any data / content is through “graphical representation”. It is not only easy to understand but also improves the overall structure of any web page. So the best way to do graphical representation is through Infographics. There are many silent SEO benefits of infographic submissions, the major one is you will get legit backlinks. Follow the below given free infographic submission sites list and make it happnen!

Infographics are the best way to viral your content. Many online bloggers seek for good quality infographics from various infographic websites to use them in their content. And if they find exactly what they are looking for, they are more than happy to give credit to the actual creator of the infographic in the form of backlink.

In this article you will learn:

What are Infographics?

Infographics are nothing but the vivid graphic representations, in which a complete set of information is given. This information can be of anything. A good infographics is said to be an independent piece of information.

For instance you can see my below created infographic of “Top 5 Free Infographic Submission Sites [No Approval Required]”. This is a very small example of how infographic looks!

Top 5 Free Infographic Submission Sites [No Approval Required]

Top 5 Free Infographic Submission Sites

How this “45 FREE Infographic Submission Sites List in 2020” can make your Infographic go Viral?

Creating infographic isn’t enough; you have to promote it also, so that more and more people will see it and interested one’s can use it in their work and give you your credit.

However, initially you may not want to spend money on its promotion, so in that case you can use the below given free infographic submission sites list. I know it’s a bit tedious task to submit your infographic again and again on different websites but if you want the good results, you have to do it!

One more thing, each and every link given in the below list is opened – checked – verified by me only. There are No Sponsored Links, No Spamming and No Irrelevancy; just FREE Infographic Submission Sites List. Further each website detail like DA, PA and Alexa Rank are correct till the date I have published this blog. So you can totally rely on it. Happy Infographic Submission!

45 Free Infographic Submission Sites List in 2020

1. Slide Share

LinkedIn SlideShare used mostly by professional for submitting their work like – Presentations, PDF’s, Infographics, Documents etc. privately or publicly. It has a very huge user database. Millions of user visits SlideShare daily for uploading and downloading. So it’s a perfect platform to share infographics.

Slide Share - Free Infographic Submission Site
DA – 95, PA – 74, Alexa Rank – 147

How to Submit – Initially you have to create an account in slideshare using your LinkedIn account. Once you are in, you can easily upload infographics. It’s FREE to share infographics on SlideShare and you can instantly publish it, no approval required.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine in which people share and find images on different ideas like sports, style, designs and much more. As per this new Hootsuite Report, Pinterest have 335 million active users per month. I don’t think you find any other better FREE platform to share your infographics.

Pinterest - Free Infographic Submission Site
DA – 94, PA – 94, Alexa Rank – 152

How to Submit – Once you sign up with an email, you can click on “Create Pin” button to upload your first infographic. In Pinterest all the images are saved in the form of Pins which you have in a Pin Board. It’s FREE to share infographics on Pinterest and you can instantly publish it, no approval required.

3. Flicker

Flickr is a photo-sharing platform and social network where users upload photos for others to see. People can also like each other photos, make comments on that. Moreover you can also see the analytical stats of the images you have shared. Till now flickr hosted billions of photos and infographics.

Flickr - Free Infographic Submission Site
DA – 92, PA – 91, Alexa Rank – 626

How to Submit – After you Sign Up with your email id, you will see an upload button there. Select your infographic, assign it to an album and hit sumbit. It’s FREE to share infographics on Flickr and you can instantly publish it, no approval required.

4. Reddit

Reddit is a social news platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content like news, images, ideas, infographics and much more. You can submit links, articles, images etc. on reddit under its relevant sub-reddit.

Reddit - Free Infographic Submission Site
DA – 91, PA – 62, Alexa Rank – 19

How to Submit – After successfully creating an account in Reddit, click on the create post icon. Once you are in the editor, choose the sub-reddit from the drop down, which in this case is going to be r/infographics. Add the Title, Click to choose to image and then Post it. It’s FREE to share infographics on Reddit and you can instantly publish it, no approval required.

5. Visual.ly

Visual.ly is a community platform for data visualization and infographics. You cannot only share but also create Infographics on Visual.ly. If you are a Pro, this platform also allows you to sell your infographics.

Visualy - Free Infographic Submission Site
DA – 78, PA – 70, Alexa Rank – 13479

How to Submit – After creating an account, click on “Upload Visual” and then select the Infographic option out of it. You will see an “Uploading Form” in front of you, fill it and click on Submit. It’s FREE to share infographics on Visual.ly and you can instantly publish it, no approval required.

As I have said, on all the above 5 infographics submission websites you can publish your infographics instantly. Now here is the list of rest 40 websites in which you can submit your infographic for free but you have to wait for the web owner to approve and publish it.

Sr No.WebsitesDAPAAlexa Rank

Important points to consider while doing Infographic Submission!

So now you have the best list of Free Infographic Submission Sites List. I want you to take full advantage of it. But before you start doing it, read the below points carefully –

  • First and foremost, make sure to read the guidelines given in any website before submitting infographic.
  • Your infographic must be an independent chunk of information.
  • The information given in your infographic must be correct and from legit source.
  • Your infographic should be easy to read and understand.
  • While submitting, give all the necessary details from the Infographic Title to the URL you want it to point to.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have enjoyed the given FREE Infographic Sites List and other information which definitely help you in getting some quality backlinks. If you have any question regarding this blog, please feel free to drop a comment below. Also don’t forget to share it with your fellow SEO buddies!

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