51 Free Image Submission Sites List in 2020

51 Free Image Submission Sites List in 2020 [Verified Links]


Image Sharing is one of the newest practice added in the OFF Page SEO Techniques. In this you try to get quality backlinks through images by submitting them on Free Image Submission Sites like Pinterest. These websites host millions of images and people around the world visit these websites for new images. You can use their audience to grow your website audience count.

Image sharing also know as Image SEO. In this, you follow the same rules as you do for bookmarking or directory submission, the only difference here is that you are going to submitting an image along with the link.

Each link given in the below “51 Free Image Submission Sites List in 2020” are verified working links for Image Submission.

In this article you will learn:

How image search is revolutionize?

Considering how our digital world is changing, every day you heard a new technology is been added to enhance user online experience. One of the biggest changes, which almost revolutionize the image search is the AI powered Google Lens. With Google Lens you scan or detect any image – residing in your smart phone or on the internet and get in detail information about it. You can also do it real time, just open your camera and click on Google Lense option. It will show you the details of the things you are having in your view box. So now you must have aware about the image power and how people are including image search within their daily Internet hours.

How this 51 Free Image Submission Sites List boost your Image SEO?

As you know (just like my other lists) this “51 Free Image Submission Sites List” will also be checked by me only. All the below given links are working and details given about them like DA, PA and Alexa Rank are correct till the date I have published this blog.

Now you just have to visit each website one by one and start submitting your images. Make sure to give a backlink to your website while submitting image. Further, it is always recommended to have your targeted keyword in your Image Title and Alt Tag.

Once you are done with it, give some time to web crawler to index your image and details about it. Soon you will be seeing some back links in your GSA (Google Search Console) pointing to your website through the images you have submitted.

Top 10 Image Submission Sites in 2020

1. Pinterest

Pinterest - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 94, PA – 83, Alexa Rank – 154

2. Tumblr

Tumblr - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 87, PA – 100, Alexa Rank – 108

3. Imgur

Imgur - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 92, PA – 82, Alexa Rank – 67

4. Reddit

Reddit - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 91, PA – 62, Alexa Rank – 19

5. Flickr

Flickr - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 91, PA – 91, Alexa Rank – 630

6. We Heart It

We Heart It - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 78, PA – 95, Alexa Rank – 260

7. My Space

My Space - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 95, PA – 81, Alexa Rank – 2416

8. Facebook

Facebook - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 96, PA – 100, Alexa Rank – 4

9. Twitter

Twitter - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 94, PA – 79, Alexa Rank – 43

10. Instagram

Instagram - Free Image Submission Site
DA – 93, PA – 100, Alexa Rank – 28

Above are the Top 10 Free Image Submission Sites. Make sure to utilize their potential fully. Once you are done with above, go ahead with the below given rest of the Free Image Submission Sites –

List of 51 Free Image Submission Sites with their DA, PA & Alexa Rank

Sr. NoWebsitesDAPAAlexa Rank

How to do Image Submission Effectively?

As now you are going to use the above list to submit your images, please keep the below things in mind if you really want to gain from it

1. Creating Account

The first step is to create an account in the Image Submission Website. Click on Sign Up and fill in the required fields. Make sure to give genuine details so that you won’t face any issue while authenticating it.

2. Account Profile

Once you are done with authenticating your account, now it’s turn to complete your profile. Make sure you fill all the details and complete your profile. I am saying it so because most Image Submission Websites shows the user profile information under the image.

Bonus Point – See if you can give your website link in the bio section of your profile, some websites allows it and that link will display under your every image.

3. Start Image Submission

Now it’s time to upload your image in the website. Click on Upload button and select the image which you want to upload. After image successfully updates you will see number of fields asking for Image Information. Make sure to fill all the fields –

3.1 Title

Give a relevant title to your image and make sure your targeted keyword should be in there in the Title

3.2 Alt Tag

If there is an option to fill in the Alt information, make sure you do so as information about the image given in the “alt tag” tells web crawler about it.

3.3 Image Category

As there are millions of image in any Image Submission Website, so mostly every website have this category option in which they categorize the image so that it will be easy for their visitor to navigate the website. Always submit your image in a relevant category.

3.4 Search Term / Keywords

Being a search engine Google don’t give any value to keywords now. But these Image Submission Websites are small image search engines in which they recognize keywords. So always give the relevant search keywords to your image so that they appear in the search results of these websites. 

3.5 Leave a Backlink

I know this isn’t the thing which I should be telling you because being an SEO this field you will never miss. So go ahead and your targeted URL here so that people seeing the image can visit back to your profile for further details.

After you are done with the above things, click on submit and you will see your image live on the website.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have enjoyed the above Free Image Submission Sites List and other information given in the blog. If you have any question regarding this blog, do post a comment and I will definitely reply you. Don’t forget to share it with your fellow SEO buddies!

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